The Serenbe Project

What is the Serenbe Project?

The Serenbe Project is an outdoor sculpture of a 12-foot white oak tree with 175 cast glass leaves. The “tree” is a gateway to the Serenbe property offices and is located next door to The Hil Restaurant on Selborne Lane in Serenbe.

What is Serenbe?

Serenbe is located 32 miles Southwest of Atlanta in Palmetto, Georgia.

The settlement of Serenbe is found in the heart of Chattahoochee Hill Country. This 40,000 acres of rural Georgia is about the size of Napa Valley, and is one of the last undeveloped stretches of land in the Atlanta area.

How was this project organized, created and installed?

The Serenbe Project was a very large project. Since Robert Rausch, the project designer is located in the Florence, Alabama area and Jason Smith is located in the Decatur Georgia area, I knew that communication would be an important element of project success.

Serenbe was very much interested in having the project installed as soon as possible, so I knew that a key determinant of success would be whether or not the project was installed on time.

Prior to giving an installation date, I approached my portion of the project (the glass leaves) by brainstorming portions of the project so that I could think of every conceivable obstacle which would lengthen delivery time. Then I coordinated the installation date with the project designer.

Below are the original planning documents which were created for The Serenbe Project.

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News Release Serenbe Commission
Serenbe Timeline Excel
Serenbe Project Orientation
Serenbe Project Outline

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