System to Document Artwork

In Progress Copyright Donna Branch 2013


Once upon a time, I had notes about completed art works floating everywhere in the studio, usually there was a handwritten master list.  Then, I made the commitment to change that.

Each time I start a new piece, there is a form that I use which helps me to record the exact materials, etc. used in that work of art. The form also records information such as date finished, whether or not the photograph and information about the creation of the piece have been entered into the inventory system.  I don’t always wait for a professional photograph before I enter the record.  Measurement details for the books covers and measurement details for the book block are included on the form.

Since I purchased software and started using this system, keeping up with titles, dimensions, etc.  has been so much easier.  This particular software is easy and fast to use when creating a new record for new work.  I’m not saying that this software is the best, but it works for me at this time.  The internet is full of information about software for artists, so find one that works for you.



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