Actions Speak Louder Than Words–or….If You Talk The Talk…Walk The Walk

Have you ever had a thought hit you directly between the eyes and you think…..I talk about that all the time…”.but am I DOING it?”  

My mother always said: “Actions speak louder than words”.  If I had a nickle for every time that I had heard her say this……I can still hear her saying that….even though she is gone.

The house that I live in was my grandfather’s store that sat on the road that serves this area and was later moved to the farm.  The house is over 100 years old and when my father and then my mother became ill in their later years,  they just did not maintain the house. To say the house was in bad shape is only the beginning.

About a year ago,  I was faced with the decision of whether to bulldoze the house and build another one or to save the house.  Most of the people I talked to just did not see the wisdom of saving the house.  Then, I found a contractor (who had actually hunted with my uncle years ago) and we met.  He was hired to literally crawl all under the house and through the attic.  When he finished, he reported that the house was built very strong and could be saved.

It was a hard decision even then.  The shine of a new house, I have to admit, did briefly tickle my fancy.   I decided to give myself time to make the right choice—I did not want to throw good money after bad.

After thinking about my alternatives and reflecting on what I believed, thought about studio alternatives, I knew I could not tear the house down.

You see, my studio, this blog, and what I believe is that we all must do our part to live a sustainable life.   

Had I torn the house down in order to build another house that looked a little different from this one, I would not have been living by my creedo.  I would not have been walking the walk.

Now, I could not be happier in my grandad’s little house under the 9 (yes nine) 100-year old white oak trees…..even when the acorns start falling on the tin roof.  In fact, I look forward to fall to hear that endearing sound which is a good reminder of the decision I made.

Are you walking the walk?  What challenges have you had in being true to your words?  Let me know in the comments.


Personal Scriptorium Book 21 (Mixed & Miscellaneous Media) Quilted, embroidered glass book, glass is fused, coldworked, carved w/inchiso battuto, sandblasted, acid-etched; handmade papers, repurposed maps of Southern states, Irish waxed linen, cotton embroidery thread, hand sewn 4th Century Ethiopian Coptic binding with Coptic endbands,120 pages, antique button for closure, 4”x2 ¾”x1 5/8”; Copyright 2011 Donna Branch. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending. Photography by Larry Berman

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